Neil Armstrong Scholarship - 2005 Winners



Melissa Richardson, 18, of Wakefield, Quebec

Having flown “at least a hundred times” with her father during her 18 years, Ms. Richardson has been exposed to the excitement of flight since she was old enough to “walk and talk.”

Taking the first step towards her private pilot’s license, Ms Richardson has recently registered for flying lessons at the Ottawa Flying Club. Her plan is to finish her flight hours before September of 2005 at which time she will be starting her Aerospace Engineering undergraduate degree at Carleton University.

The first classes of ground school have confirmed her excitement and dream of being a pilot with the ultimate goal of becoming a Canadian astronaut.

It is a pleasure on behalf of the Neil Armstrong Scholarship Selection Committee to select Miss Richardson as the ab-initio scholarship winner for 2005.



John Schnurr, 19, of Mildmay, Ontario

Mr. Schnurr’s first flight was as a Young Eagle, sparking his keen interest in aviation.  As second eldest in a farming family of eight children, Mr. Schnurr juggled up to three part-time jobs to obtain his Private Pilot’s license. On completion of his training, his first passenger was his mother who had worked as a nurse in the Yukon, where she often accompanied patients during medevac. With the goal of flying for a living, Mr. Schnurr has accumulated a total of 82 hours at time of application.



Richard Oosthuizen, 17, Aurora, Ontario

With supportive parents and prudent financial management, Mr. Oosthuizen has been able to pursue his goal of integrating general aviation into his personal life. His hope is to earn a flight instructor rating, flying frequently and earning money during University.  His goal is to study medicine in order to be a family doctor in Northern Ontario and use his pilot’s license to service remote towns more effectively.