Re: 100th Anniversary



There's a group of us, in the Niagara Peninsula that are busy promoting the 100th Anniversary of Flight, in Canada.

When JAD McCurdy flew the Silver Dart off the lake at Baddeck, Nova Scotia, on Feb. 23, 1909, it made Canadian and Commonwealth history. Unfortunately, most Canadians are unaware of the upcoming Centennial of Canadian Flight.

We have a half-scale replica of the Silver Dart which we haul around to local schools.  We set it up in the gymnasium and make presentations to individual classes over the course of the day.

The kids get to fly the replica and they have a ball, while learning a few things that they didn't know about Canada's proud aviation history.

On August 27, we had the Snowbirds do a show over Niagara Central Airport (CNQ3) at Welland, to commemorate Welland's 150th anniversary. The team was coming east to perform at the Toronto CNE waterfront, and flew in early. They staged, on the 26th, at Niagara District Airport (CYSN). We seized the opportunity and set up our Silver Dart on the ramp, to greet them. The team was kind enough to have their picture taken with the Dart posed beside the team Tutors. The members of the team also took the time to sign the Dart's port lower wing, even though they were running late. What a great bunch of professionals and what a show they put on!   



St. Catharines, Ont.