Re: COPA Convention


The COPA convention at St. Thomas was a fabulous event. I was able to fly in Friday afternoon, during a three hour window in the weather. The convention had many interesting seminars and was not at all dampened by the weather on Saturday. The fish dinner and Diamond factory tour was terrific. It was great to see our resident "positive attitude ambassador," Mr. Billy Lowe, in fine shape, gyrating to the Caribbean steal band.

The guest speaker, Brian Udell (at the banquet dinner), delivered a fascinating and riveting presentation on his supersonic punch out. His experience highlighted the idea that a bad day is just that, a bad day. 

As with bad weather days that move our weekend fly out to "Victoria square", there's always a better weather day just around the corner. I activated my SPOT at the Globestar booth at the trade show and used it for my return flight home. Suffice to say that it worked perfectly. I would certainly encourage our BFC membership who did not make it to the COPA convention to seriously consider adding this indispensable piece of life saving equipment to their flight bag.

Kevin - great convention (my first). Although it's a thankless effort, you and your team did a splendid job.