Re: Cessna 162


Adam Hunt's article on the Cessna 162 Skycatcher published in the June COPA Flight certainly is an interesting and intriguing subject. I feel very much against the Chinese production of the 162 as well as many other things the Chinese produce. I don't know why. Perhaps I?m scared that with all their cheap labour the Chinese are becoming the leading economic power of the world.

During WWII I flew B-17s out of England and on the last mission I had to fly I ended up being a guest of the Germans. I swore then I would never drive a German made car - I have since, owned three different Volkswagens.

I felt the same way about the Japanese, but I now own a Toyota and Subaru. Will I adjust to China?

Along this line I spend the summer months 75 air miles from the end of the road, in the Northwest corner of Saskatchewan. At 88 years young the canoes are getting heavy on the portage so I have a dream of flying again. I have a multi-engine commercial licence I earned in the dark ages and I have no problem to this day passing the medical. How lucky can I be!

Thus, I'm purchasing a made in Canada Bush Caddy aircraft. It has a small engine, but from what I read, in many ways it out performs the yet to be tested 162.

Also, the Bush Caddy is known to be excellent on floats - got my seaplane rating this past winter. I'll now be able to fly into those hundreds of lakes and rivers - explore, camp, fish and enjoy. I?ll be proud to have a Canadian made plane at a much lower price than a new aircraft.

However, I do hope you Canadians will speed things up and adopt the new Light Sport Aircraft category. Keep up the good work.