Re: Loadstar Project



I was drawn to the article in the January edition about "Project Loadstar" as I knew there had been a Loadstar somewhere in my Dad's past. Little did I know that a little research would reveal this very Loadstar featured in the article is the one in which he flew right seat on several occasions between 1952 and December 1953 while flying for Holinger Ungava Transport (HUT).

In fact four of his five logbook entries for this aircraft are in December '53 while engaged in a S.A.R. operation where CPA was one of three different aircraft he flew in over an eight day period while searching for a pilot named "Stapley" and crew who are noted in his log as having eventually "walked out."

Left seat on these searches was a pilot with the last name "Scott." Total time logged on this aircraft was 10.93 hours on five occasions. Other aircraft flown as PIC during this same period were DC3, PBY-5A, Beech-18-C & a Cessna Crane.

Chief Pilot for HUT was Wes McIntosh who became a good friend of my Dad's later in his career. When I was growing up we always had hockey pucks laying around with the initials carved into them HUT.

Dad (Willie McLaughlin) continued in aviation spending his whole life in the pursuit of his passion for flight. When he retired from flying Jetstars, Sabreliners and G3s for Trans Canada Pipe Lines he had accumulated more than 18,000 hours in 29 different aircraft. Dad went on to teach at Flight Safety, Wardair and Airbus before his passing in December 1991.

As you can guess, your article was timely and brought me back to a happier time, a time I thought I might share with your readers.