Re: Oshkosh


My wife and I travelled to AirVenture 2005 and treasure the experience as one of our best. My dream ever since has been to be in a light aircraft flying into Oshkosh and camping under the wing. My wife (God bless her) has given her blessing for me to try to achieve that dream this year.

Before she could change her mind I lodged an entry on the EAA website under their "Rideshare" system, stating that I am looking for a ride in an aircraft leaving from anywhere in the USA or Canada that I can get to by public transport - air, bus, train. I am more than happy to pay a share of the cost of that flight!

But I am worried and can't sleep nights! I have a bad feeling that EAA members planning to go to Oshkosh this year may not think about filling spare seats until the last minute, leaving me too little time to get to their departure point in time and no time to get low cost airfares from Australia.

So, I wonder if you might post this letter on your Club's notice board and/or publish it in your Newsletter in the hope that one of your members may be able to help me fulfil my dream!

I obtained my PPL in 1993 and have flown PA28 (Warriors, Archers), PA28R (Arrow), C172, C182, C210. My PPL is now "suspended" as I purchased an ultralight (an Australian-built, two seat "Jabiru") two years ago, obtained an Ultralight licence and did not undertake my PPL "Annual Flight Review" which was due in May 2006. I would willingly renew my PPL, if required to meet the needs of anyone willing to fly me to Oshkosh. You can contact me by email: ( )