Re: X-Country Advice


I am a Montana pilot flying a Cessna 185 amphibian. I have been flying for 50 years (mostly on wheels) and usually make one or more trips each summer to western Canada and as far north as the Beaufort Sea. In late July, I will be flying alone from northwest Montana through Ontario and Quebec to northern Labrador and returning the third week of August. I made a similar trip in 2004 on wheels. I am interested in knowing about interesting things to see along the way and places to stop for meals or for the night where the accommodations are adjacent to either a land or water landing site. My route is flexible. Fuel is not a major issue as the plane is an amphib and I will have several jerry cans for extra gas.

Is it worth the trip to fly up the east side of Hudson Bay and around the north side of Quebec? Is Goose Bay a good place to visit? Are there any places I should not visit? I would appreciate any information anyone can provide. Please write me at 28517 Rocky Point Road Polson, MT 59860; Email: or Phone: 406-883-2248.