COPA for Kids (free flights) last month was a very impressive day! I truly enjoyed it. My students were/are very pumped and excited. I am impressed with the organization and professionalism found on that Saturday. The excitement, walk-a-rounds, questions and responses were great to see.

The registration desk, ground personnel, pilots, departures, arrivals and food created an atmosphere that most people never have the opportunity to experience.

Throughout the years aviation has seen great changes. There was a time when kids could simply walk up to pilots at their local airfield and share the joy of aviation - not so today. It is people like you that bring back the old days when kids could talk to pilots; sit in airplanes and even go up for a flight.

COPA Flight 35 and friends play an important roll in today's aviation. You share your time, airplanes, knowledge and most of all, your love for aviation. I am honoured to have received such a warm welcome on that day.

A huge thank you and kudos goes out to all of you! You all have something in common and don't think twice to share it with others. You are a special group of people and should be proud of what you do for aviation. Well done!



Commercial Aviation Pilot Program

Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate

Winnipeg, Man.