Re: Chronicles


It was through tear filled eyes that I read "Chronicles of a Cessna" in the December COPA Flight by Kristine Nielsen describing a fantastic trip she took with her father Herluf above the Arctic Circle in his C-182 back in 2007.

I met Herluf soon after joining the Innisfail Alberta Flying Club in the early 80's and soon learned and appreciated the same feeling of respect for him as a pilot and a man that everyone else in the club already had. Many of us have had the privilege to fly along side Herluf to fly outs, Young Eagle Rallies and CASARA exercises. Herluf's love of aviation has always been second only to the love of his family. Herluf was taken from us on Nov. 8, 2008 while en route to Innisfail from Red Deer after a successful CARASA night exercise. He was a member of Innisfail COPA Flight, CASARA Red Deer Zone, COPA and EAA. Services were held on Nov. 14, with some 600 people in attendance.

He will be sadly missed.