Re: Montreal Flying Club


While cleaning out my office at home I found a pilot log book from 1948. This belonged to my father in-law, Harry Dyer, when he was a young man with aspirations of joining the air force. His first flight was in July 1948 at the Montreal Flying Club in a de Havilland DH-82 ?Tiger Moth? which I understand was the popular trainer at the time.  Although he manage to log 2.5 hours of solo time his flying career was cut short when it was discovered that he was color blind. 

With a shared passion for flying, there were many conversations about the Tiger Moth and flying in general. Unfortunately he passed away before I completed my PPL and I never did get a chance to take him back to the sky. 

I am trying to track down information about the Montreal Flying Club from back in 1948, such as where the airport was located, number of aircraft, and number of members. I am also trying to track the history of the plane that my father in-law flew, DH-82 CF-CTE. If there is anyone who may have photos of the plane or stories they could share with me it would be greatly appreciated.