It has been a long time since I wanted to write to you, and as usual, life has been keeping me busy about so many other matters. Finally, I have found some time and I want to underline how much I have appreciated how COPA, Kevin Psutka and Patrick Gilligan have responded to me when I needed some input about my situation at CTQ2 Weller/Stanstead airport. 

As we are getting closer to the hearing in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, I want to underline the qualities and the efficiency of Patrick Gilligan's response to my need and how much I have appreciated the fact that he addressed me in French when we first spoke together. 

I personally think that it is important for you to know that offering a service in French at COPA HQ is mostly significant for me and many other pilots in Quebec.

Therefore, I want to thank you for having hired Mr. Gilligan to be at your side and to underline his professionalism and diligent attitude towards my needs and, I am sure, to many other members of COPA.




Ed. Thank you for your comments on COPA and in particular the assistance provided by Patrick. It is difficult balancing the needs of our French-speaking members with the available financial resources but when looking for additional staff, I made it a priority to hire someone with this capability and it is paying off.

The upcoming Supreme Court hearing will be very important for the future of many aerodromes. We could only take the issue of federal jurisdiction to this level through a strong membership and contributions to our Freedom to Fly Special Action Fund. Hopefully, members will help spread the word to their non-COPA aviation friends.

- Kevin Psutka