You (Patrick Gilligan) may or may not remember me. We had some correspondence a year or so ago. I'm the guy who was having some difficulties with a wonderful neighbour who erected a flag pole at the threshold of my grass strip.

But that's not the subject of this letter. I simply wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your article on page B-23 in the November COPA Flight regarding your trip to the UPAC Convention at the Lubitz Field.

I'm one of those guys who "always wanted to fly" and in fact finally took the plunge at the ripe old age of 50. Fact is, I started by flying an RX 550 Beaver with Kathy Lubitz at Lubitz field!

Of course that gave me the opportunity to also meet Ed who at that time was driving an A320 for Air Canada. I enjoyed that brief time very much and remember it well. That time was the fall of, I believe, 1994! Wow, so long ago.

Anyway, after the weather closed in, shutting off open cockpit ultalight flying, I decided to do the Private Pilot Licence at Brampton. A year or so later I got my ticket and soon after bought a J3 Cub from the father-in-law of a good friend.

But I still have fond memories of that brief time in the air with Kathy and the Beaver. In fact each year I tell myself, "I must go to the UPAC Convention!" It's only about a 40 minute ride for me in the Cub from Orangeville and, fact is, with a J3 Piper Cub I feel more at home with the Ultra Light folk than I do with the C 152/172, Piper Cherokee, etc. drivers.    

Again, thanks for the good read. I always look forward to my next edition of COPA Flight and am never disappointed.