I’m an avid techie, GA pilot and COPA member. Affordable digital flight planning content seems to be a little hard to come by in Canada. I subscribe to Foreflight on my iPhone/iPad as well as subscribing to all the Nav Canada paper content. With the advent of the G1000 panels, various GPSes and now iPhone, iPad and Android portable devices it would seem that Canada is coming up on the short end for charts, procedures and other data.

I’m referring to basic flight planning and availability for cockpit reference, avoiding the issue of certification for primary navigation. Has COPA been doing any lobbying on this topic? What is the current status?


ed. COPA has lobbied extensively with Nav- Canada to get on with provision of digital data for flight planning and on board systems. Although Nav- Can tells us that they are working on it, to date there has been little progress for various reasons related to NavCan priorities.

Unfortunately, it appears that NavCan is still trying to get the production of maps and other publications stabilized from their transition away from NRCAN and to digital production, as evidenced by several NOTAMs in recent months concerning chart errors.

The introduction of the iPad has introduced yet another leap forward. I have seen some of the digital aviation apps and it is amazing, especially as it relates to ease of use and consequently safety of flight. Nav Canada continues to fall further behind.

I have received similar emails from other members.

Perhaps Nav Canada will provide an article to explain their perspective on this issue.