2011 Neil Armstrong scholarship winners

The COPA Neil Armstrong Scholarship Selection Committee is pleased to announce the 2011 scholarship recipients.




Timothy van Bremen, 15, of London, Ont.

At the age of 11, Mr. van Bremen knew he wanted to be a pilot. Holding a birthday party at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, he asked friends not to bring a present, but to donate to his “flying fund.”

To this day Tim continues to pursue his interest in aviation. The moment he became old enough to work; he took a summer job for the sole purpose of funding his flight training. This evolved into starting his own business fixing computers and became one of the youngest people in the world to become a certified Linux Professional.

Tim has never lost sight of the importance of volunteering and community work. He works as a technical volunteer at the International Olympiad in Informatics in Waterloo, as a peer tutor, also teaches piano to junior students and is looking for volunteering opportunities at his local airport.

Mr. van Bremen is hoping to study Aerospace Engineering at university, which would combine his skills in math and love of all things in aviation.

It is the COPA Neil Armstrong Scholarship Selection Committee’s pleasure to award Mr. van Bremen the ab-initio scholarship for 2011.





Ryley Yost, 16, of Hanover, Ont.

Mr. Yost’s passion for aviation started at the age of 12 after accompanying his grandfather on a sightseeing tour. He enjoyed it so much he immediately starting talking to the owner of the Flight Academy about flying lessons.

Mr. Yost works part time at the Hanover Raceway and the flight school at the Saugeen Municipal airport to pay his own way in supporting his goal of learning to fly. His first solo was on Sept. 26, at the age of 14. He is close to receiving his recreational pilot’s license and will continue on to his private and ultimately his commercial license.

Long term, Mr. Yost would like to become a flight instructor or work for an airline. Yost would love to start his own business and move to larger faster airplanes.

The Selection Committee awards this scholarship in support of Mr. Yost’s pursuit of flight training as a professional pilot.







Cody Robertson, 17, of Prince Albert, Sask.

Contemplating what career to pursue during his final years in high school, flying planes “suddenly and mysteriously” popped into Mr. Roberson’s head. Having applied and secured a job at Pronto Airways, he has since learned a lot about the aviation industry.

Mr. Robertson intends on getting his Private Pilot’s License, taking the Commercial Pilot program at the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, and obtain his Commercial Pilot's License at Mitchinson Flying Service in Saskatoon, complete with night, instrument and multi-engine ratings.

The Selection Committee congratulates Mr. Robertson on his winning application.