Pilots to Pilots



We have a valued resource that so many of us overlook in our hectic daily lives, and will lose it if the process continues along its current flawed path.

Thank you Yellow Wings Organization for bringing wonderful vintage aircraft to our beloved Edmonton City Centre Airport, to share the joy and exuberance the PT-27 Stearman provides. I had a great opportunity to participate in a small portion of this exuberance by letting loose the bonds of earth and soaring among the angels with past heroes such as Wop May. May flew many times out of our City Centre Airport.

It was great feeling, the wind on my face as I handled the controls of this superbly crafted aircraft. It is no wonder that many people have fond memories of this unique bi-plane. I enjoyed a fleeting moment in time and have become enamoured with its beauty and grace.

Having been born in Edmonton, a city having the honour and privilege to have the first registered municipal airport in Canada. This was brought about by a visionary mayor, by the name of Kenneth Alexander Blatchford (March 5, 1882 – April 20, 1933). He was a Canadian politician, who was a Mayor of Edmonton, Alberta and member of the Canadian House of Commons.

I as an Albertan am saddened by the lack of vision of our current mayor and other politicians; that do not see the value and valuable contributions that our beloved City Centre Airport is providing and has provided our City of Edmonton and the rest of Canada.

We would not have the freedoms we enjoy today without the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) and all the airports such as our Edmonton City Center Airport that provided us Great War heroes like Wop May. We are honoured and privileged to have Wop May as a resident of Edmonton.

How does our current Mayor Mandel honour May’s memory and current descendants that are still living?

We need to honour Wop May and other home grown heroes by keeping our Edmonton City Centre Airport as a functioning thriving airport. We need more visionary mayors and politicians such as Mayor Blatchford. These true visionary leaders saw the true value in creating our beloved City Centre Airport ( Blatchford Field).

Mayor Blatchford, a true Edmonton leader was looking out for the benefit of us Edmontonians and not for his own personal gain. We truly need more leaders such as Kenny Blatchford, leaders that see the true value of the Edmonton City Centre Airport as part of our valuable heritage left to us through the sacrifices of others and the important contribution made through medevac and other services.

The City Centre Airport is a valuable part of the fabric that makes us unique in the rest of Canada.

Thank you again Yellow Wings for the great experience provided to me on Canada Day. My first flight in a Stearman PT-27 bi-plane out of our beloved Edmonton City Centre Airport.


Edmonton, Alberta