Pilots to Pilots



I hope this is reaching the correct person, specifically, the person who is the supervisor for a Magnes representative named Carole Lynne McBride. I wish to pass some comments along.

I am very thankful to this representative’s initiative, intelligence, and customer interest. She provided me with a superior level of customer service in the form of rapid response, clear information, extensive education regarding aircraft insurance, and a plan. Her help was exceptional, and at the conclusion of our interactions, I was well prepared to take the next steps in developing a plan for an aircraft purchase.

I hope that your company has ways to celebrate and strengthen high-quality representatives. Ms. McBride’s assistance is certainly worthy of acknowledgment.




I was appalled when I heard that the Canadian Air and Space Museum at Downsview had been kicked out of the premises and doors closed. One of the things that Canada and Canadians do not do well enough is protect and promote our accomplishments both domestically and internationally.

To plan to shut down one of the few museums that is attempting to promote and celebrate our cultural heritage is unbelievable, but to close the doors in a way that prevents a reasonable transfer of exhibits to an alternate venue due to the cessation of visitor cash flow is next to criminal.

I truly do not understand how anyone can rationalize that it is better for Canada/Toronto/local community to destroy a cultural heritage site and accompanying museum in order to put up ice rinks. Especially when there is ample real estate in Downsview Park to construct the rinks without disturbing the de Havilland building, museum and associated exhibits.

I haven’t written many letters to government officials, but it disappoints me greatly to have to write this one. I hope that there is the time and the wisdom in the people making this decision for them to see that it is a mistake and it would be better for all Canadians to see how we can help the museum not destroy it.


ed.: Thank you for taking the time to express your concern to the politicians who can prevent the closure from happening. Your position coincides with my quote on the front page of our website concerning this issue:

“Aviation history and education are as important to our country’s future as is the promotion of aviation to our youth. Understanding the contributions made by aviation to the development of our nation is key to understanding why we need to protect and promote aviation for the role that it will continue to play for Canada. The loss of this museum, in Canada’s largest city, is a significant blow to aviation and Canada. Please help, in your own words, to remind our politicians that this museum is important.”

Since Downsview Park Inc. is a crown corporation, the federal government should be able to control this issue. Having been involved in the future of the lands when I was in the Reserves and stationed there, I know that there is plenty of vacant land on which to locate the rinks. The museum is entirely compatible with the role of the lands (a Park complex) and given the direct connection between the building and exhibits with Toronto’s contribution to the war effort and development of Canadian aviation, it would be a crime to lose this facility. On behalf of 18,000 pilots and aircraft owners across Canada, I ask for a reasonable approach to this issue and a long term solution that will see this museum survive.

President and CEO COPA



This is coming rather late, which I do apologize for! I have been busy these past few weeks as I have arrived in Taiwan on exchange for the year.

I wanted to let you know that just over three weeks ago I passed my flight test for a Private Pilot’s License on my first attempt. I also received a score of 92% on the written exam. Because I am 16, I will receive a full PPL when I turn 17 and in the meantime I have been issued a Recreational Permit.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of the Neil Armstrong Scholarship. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Neil Armstrong Scholarship Committee and COPA for giving me this fantastic privilege, and I am now seriously considering becoming a commercial pilot after university. It has really opened up a new world for me!

2011 Neil Armstrong Scholarship
Ab-initio Recipient

ed.: Thank you Tim, for keeping us posted on your developments.

You left a lasting impression with COPA at the Langley banquet this past summer. As the chair of the selection committee, it is the quality of the applicants that make the selection process so rewarding. You have demonstrated to the selection committee, qualities of character, citizenship, responsibility and scholarship that are truly remarkable.

To be able to meet you in person only re-affirms the value of the COPA Scholarship. I would encourage you to keep in contact with COPA as you advance your aviation interests and career.

Chair – COPA Neil Armstrong
Scholarship Committee Chair