Pilots to Pilots



It was pleasant and businesslike arranging my new Magnes policy by telephone with Andrea LeBlanc. To-day I picked it up at the Magnes office and met in person both Andrea and Mary. They were very efficient, and it was a delight to spend a little time with such a charming staff.



In response to a request from Kevin Psutka in COPA Flight for submissions from members regarding the new insurance from COPA; I have insured my plane with Magnes from whom I experienced nothing but helpful assistance. They answered all questions promptly and provided the same coverage that I used to have from COPA for around 10% less.



A quick addition to the December 2011 issue of the COPA Flight article on Hypothermia by Bryan Webster.

Having grown up in Eastern Canada playing and skating outside in sub-zero temperatures long past when we should have went in, later hunting, trapping and snowmobiling, then working in the forest industry timber cruising in winter, one often nears the edge of hypothermia.

Starting a fire to warm up does not always make sense nor is it possible, and even in the best of conditions may be difficult. Thus to the purpose of my note.

Over these Christmas holidays I took the family to a remote skating pond near Calgary with fire pits and some Aspen for firewood. Having no matches and only frost coated grass and wood for tinder, it seemed like a warming fire would be out of the question, but lo and behold what did I have in the truck? A three-pack of CIL flares aka 15 min blow torches. The fire was roaring in no time (one was enough).

I would recommend flares be part of any emergency pack for this purpose as well as signaling for help. One would have to have pretty poor fire starting materials before a flare would not get a fire going and it seems from my experience it would take a lot less cognitive power, planning and physical exertion to get a fire going with a flare as opposed to matches or a lighter.

Also, keep your hands gloved while lighting a flare. Of course, make sure you are not apt to catch yourself on fire and are not too close to things you don’t want to burn.

North Vancouver, BC