Pilots to Pilots



I have just set down the November issue of COPA Flight with a smile on my face after reading some of the better all-Canadian flying stories of the year.

Dave Storey’s tales of what it takes to safely engage in Yukon ski flying, or rather ski landing are jawdropping to a southern Ontario paved runway flyer like me. And Jorma Kivilahti’s description of the welcome that Ernie MacLean extends to visitors to his absolute gem of a grass strip in New Brunswick was heart-warming. My thanks to the writers for bringing us these stories and once again illustrating the huge variety in the Canadian aviation experience.

Brampton, Ontario


Funny enough, Jeff Springer and I were standing on his ramp talking about Magnes, and what great service they provide, when your email came in to me. I wanted to take a moment to reply thanking you for your assistance and commending your service. I’m grateful and appreciative.

My Lake aircraft is going into the hangar now for the winter, with perhaps an occasional flight here and there.

Anyhow, thank you again for your great service. You’re very responsive and attentive, which is hugely refreshing. My only regret is we did not cross paths sooner, as you’d have had my business sooner.

Please diarize July 27, 2012 as an important date. Not only is it my six-year-old co-pilot’s birthday, but the Cessna policy ends about then, so we’ll transfer all business to you at that point.

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario