Pilots to Pilots


After seeing the front page photo of the February COPA Flight featuring the Pipistrel Taurus G4, the Green Flight Challenge winner, I thought you might like to know that the U.S. team leader for the G4 was a Canadian Engineer. Dr. Jack Langelaan P.Eng., is the assistant professor of Aerospace Engineering at Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania. Jack has a glider pilot license and a PPL, although his job plus family responsibilities has put him on non-active flying list.

Mississauga, Ontario


I am a relatively new pilot, aircraft owner and COPA member. For me, pages B1-B7 of the February COPA Flight are probably the most interesting and useful pages since I joined.

Dale Nielson’s “Chock to Chock” article added a new item to my evolving before take-off and on-final checklists: compass heading aligned with runway heading. Simple, effective, brilliant!

Alexander Burton’s “From the Training Seat” article on the 5 Ps will be incorporated into my flight planning and execution.

Jonas Boll’s Pipistrel article was informative and enthusiastic, and it sent me scurrying off to Pipistrel’s website where I salivated over several models, especially the upcoming Panthera. It also left me longing for a return visit to Slovenia, a wonderful country I visited with my family a few years ago.

Much fun, and I’m not even done reading yet!

Waterloo, ON