Aéroports de Montreal to revamp fee


A meeting was held regarding the unreasonably high landing fees introduced at Trudeau and Mirabel Airports with Aéroports de Montreal (ADM) President James Cherry and Vice-President Normand Boivin on Feb. 19.

Representing our interests were COPA President Kevin Psutka, one of our Quebec Directors, Frank Hofmann, and Francois Vranna, a director from the Aviateurs et pilotes de brousse du Québec.

In addition to the unreasonable rate of $46.68 plus taxes, we pointed out several problems to the ADM, including lack of any consultation with our sector and insufficient notice for virtually any pilot to be aware of the new landing fee.

In response to ADM’s claim that we have been getting a free ride, we brought to their attention that a fuel concession fee, which was established in lieu of landing fees for small aircraft by Transport Canada when they ran the airport, is still being collected and subsequent to the meeting it was confirmed that the proceeds of this fee are indeed going to ADM.

ADM has reconsidered their position and announced they are rescinding the landing fee while they review the amount, the methodology and the role of the fuel concession fee. As they develop a new plan they promise to consult with us.

A small team of tenants and users of the airport, including COPA representation, is meeting to develop options for discussion with the ADM. They will give proper notice (60 days) and have asked for our help to disseminate the revised fee information prior to introduction, which may occur by the middle of this year. For those who have already paid a fee, ADM is in the process of deciding what to do.

If you are planning to fly into Trudeau or Mirabel airports, you should check our Places to Fly listings for these airports. Included there is the link to the ADM’s website where fees information can be verified.