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Flock of 60 land at Mo’s



More than 60 aircraft landed on the frozen Ottawa River, north of Alymer Que., for a taste of Mo’s chilli. 

This was Maurice Prudhomme’s 19th annual February ski-in located in front of his home and despite the cold temperatures was likely the most successful fly-in he’s held to date. The event was also a huge success for COPA. André Durocher (seen above right presenting cheque to COPA President Kevin Psutka) who is developing a new fly-in community, Pontiac Airpark, located just north of Mo’s place donated $1,000 to COPA’s Special Action Fund. Durocher also pledged to donate an additional $1,000 from every lot sold at the fly-in community. There are 70 lots for sale at Pontiac Airpark and all have access to a 3,400 foot runway. For more information email: adag@videotron.ca.