Lack of VFR charts unacceptable


COPA is aware that many pilots are having difficulties obtaining VFR charts. Since pilots are responsible to have the latest aeronautical information available to them before setting off into the sky, this situation is no doubt serious and unacceptable.

The alarming number of inquiries on this issue has caused us to step in and make Nav Canada and Transport Canada aware of our concerns.

Nav Canada says they are acutely aware of the seriousness of the situation with respect to the unavailability of charts and are currently taking action to deliver a solution.

According to Nav Canada, they had hoped to be in a position to print new digital editions of several VNC and VTA charts by this time, therefore inventories had been allowed to run low, but delays in the conversion to digital have caused this situation.

Nav Canada says it is now reprinting previous editions of all charts that are out of stock so that sufficient numbers of charts are available to bridge the time when new editions will be issued. They anticipate the charts will be available during the month of April.

They are also reprinting another 16 VNC and VTA charts that, while currently available, are getting low in stock.

Meanwhile, take note. According to the regulations, it is the pilot's responsibility to update the map with information contained in NOTAMs and the chart update section of the Canada Flight Supplement. If you have the current edition of the map (the one that is in effect as listed on NavCan's website) you can bring it up to date by checking NOTAMs and the CFS.

Therefore, until Nav Canada rectifies this problem the only option available is to check NOTAMs and the CFS, and update the most current chart yourself.