Service Reductions at NavCan - Your input is sought

By Kevin Psutka
1 April 2009


In early December 2008 we circulated a Nav Canada discussion paper via our website, through our Directors who were asked to distribute to their regional contacts and in an eNewsflash to our Flight contacts. Given the timing of the announcement and the short comment period, we could not put it in our newspaper.

Nav Canada was seeking initial reactions to their study of several airports where they provide a control tower (Control Service), Flight Service Station (Aerodrome Advisory Service (AAS)) or Remote Aerodrome Advisory Service (RAAS). Thank you to those members who took the time to provide input.

Nav Canada is now proceeding to full Aeronautical Studies for 26 faculties. Although there are some national implications and COPA will be providing input, it is imperative at each of the affected airports for local pilots to get together, study the impact and provide input.

At some of the sites, the changes are relatively minor and probably justified based on the mix and timings of the traffic. But at many sites there are significant changes, including closures being considered. Please do not expect someone else to do the work for you to save a service. This is your chance to have your say.

In studying the matter, please consider the following comment from Nav Canada about the discussion paper feedback:

"While much of the feedback expressed concern over reductions in the availability of air navigation services, most of the reasons given were not directly related to aviation safety. Aircraft operators themselves tended to be more favourable to adjustments to service levels than other stakeholders."

Arguments for the retention of service should be concentrating on safety implications. In some cases, proposals for loss of service are being somewhat compensated for by providing other services.

If mitigation measures are not considered sufficient, it must be clearly explained why you believe that service should be retained or that some other mitigation measure is necessary.

I especially ask every COPA Flight affected by the proposed changes to make this a priority. I also ask everyone to copy me on their submissions so that I can include your points in my national submission. Please be sure to register as a stakeholder.

Notice: Aeronautical Studies Launched

The purpose of this announcement is to inform stakeholders that Nav Canada intends to undertake aeronautical studies to review the level of service at 26 airports across Canada.

The objectives of this level of service review are to re-align service delivery to provide the most efficient and effective service and to eliminate unneeded redundancies.

Proposals that will be the subject of the study are outlined in Nav Canada’s Airport Traffic Services Proposal Paper, which is available here. The proposals include changes to the following services: Airport Control Services, Airport Advisory Services and Remote Aerodrome Advisory Services.

In accordance with Nav Canada operating practices, an Aeronautical Study is undertaken to ensure that the risk to aviation safety would not be unacceptably increased by a proposed change in the level of civil air navigation services. The Aeronautical Study process provides Nav Canada customers and other stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the identification of issues.

Persons wishing to be identified as stakeholders for this study are invited to notify the study team leader identified below. Additionally, persons interested in making representations to Nav Canada with regard to this Aeronautical Study may do so via email at or in writing to the following address:

Don Henderson
Manager, Level of Service and Aeronautical Studies
ANS Service Design
77 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5L6

Fax: (613) 563-5602