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Nominate someone for a COPA Award


The new COPA Awards Committee in concert with the staff and board of directors have revamped the program in an effort to recognize more of the COPA members who devote so much of their time and energy into accomplishing our mutual aviation goals.

What we request from the membership is that you mentally canvass your COPA Flights for deserving members for those who have worked to promote aviation and our ambitions and then submit a nomination form to COPA headquarters in Ottawa.

Simply click on About COPA then click on Awards. Once there, you will find all the information about the COPA Awards and nomination form.

Isn’t it time we all nominated deserving members thereby motivating them to continue with their efforts? The success of our Awards Program and to a degree our aviation freedom depends on our mutual efforts. Please take the time to consider and recognize the efforts of your fellow (or sister) COPA Flights companions.