COPA 2009 President Award goes to Michael Potter and Vintage Wings of Canada



The award criteria states: “The COPA President’s Award is given annually to an individual(s) who has made a very notable contribution to personal aviation in Canada.”

Vintage Wings of Canada mission statement is “to acquire, restore, maintain and fly classic aircraft significant to the early history of powered flight. A particular focus is on aircraft of Canadian importance” and their goal is “to inspire and educate future generations about the historical significance of our aviation heritage and to demonstrate that these aircraft are more than just metal, fabric, and wood artifacts.”

Vintage Wings of Canada is a private collection, with no contribution from government. Michael Potter’s financial resources, combined with his passion for aviation, provide the nucleus for the Collection, but there are many volunteers involved in developing, maintaining and flying the aircraft.

Included in the Collection are several civilian aircraft, including a Beaver, Staggerwing, Citabria, Tapperwing and Fox Moth. These aircraft, along with the military aircraft, are on display throughout Canada and the U.S. each year to promote Canadian Aviation.


In this year of the Centennial of Flight, perhaps the most recognized aircraft will be the F86 Hawk One. I am confident that this aircraft will do a great job of making people aware of the Centennial and aviation’s contribution to Canada.

This promotional effort fits very well with COPA’s mission statement, in particular promoting aviation as a valued part of the Canadian community.