Strength Is In Numbers

Earl Kickley


In any advocacy organization strength is in numbers. COPA is no exception.

The more members we have the stronger is our voice and the better we are able to defend your freedom to fly.

I am therefore asking each of you to speak to a pilot that you know who is not currently a COPA member. Tell them why you are a member and ask them to consider joining. Here are some tips:

Take a recent copy of COPA Flight and show it to your prospective member. Show him or her what they get by receiving the paper each month. Point out the great flying stories, aviation articles from across Canada, about what is happening and who is doing what.

Show them the many regular columns like the President’s Corner, the Chair’s Message, and the host of excellent columns by our many contributing writers.

Show them On the Horizon, the most complete listing of aviation events in Canada, and the excellent Safety Bulletin columns. Then pull out the Canadian Plane Trade section and wow them with all the aircraft for sale across Canada.

Note this section contains a page highlighting the benefits of joining COPA and an application form. Make them aware that they can buy insurance through COPA, both aircraft and home/auto insurance.

I would suggest that you leave a recent copy of COPA Flight with them and finally tell them that COPA is the only voice we have in Canada that represents Personal Aviation and we need them as a member of COPA.

Explain how they will be helping to keep Personal Aviation alive and well for the next generation by becoming a member now.

Earl Kickley is the COPA Director representing Saskatchewan