Artificial Limits to be removed for Limited Class

By Patrick Gilligan


COPA has requested Transport Canada, Maintenance & Manufacturing Standards, apply the same rationale as for Amateur Built aircraft to Limited Class aircraft regarding removal of the limitation of maximum of four occupants, arguing that the high maintenance standards required for Limited Class aircraft mitigate the risk from permitting more occupants.

The operational limitations for the limited class currently include a maximum of four occupants. In most cases that will mean one pilot and a maximum of three passengers. If the aircraft requires two pilots then only two passengers can be carried. This limitation applies even if the aircraft has many more than four seats, as in the case of an AN-2 "Colt" or B-17 Flying Fortress bomber.

Transport Canada M&M Standards agree with COPA and consequently they are proposing to remove this artificial limit, and apply occupancy limits case by case, according to the aircraft capability.

The Notice of Proposed Amendment ruling will probably take place at the first CARAC meeting in 2010.

COPA has suggested that TC simply remove the limits as they did with the Amateur Built category without going through the CARAC process.

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