Marsh Canada Limited (“Marsh”) is pleased to announce that the scheduled launch of the 2011 Silver Wings and Gold Wings online applications are anticipated for November 15, 2010 and is pleased to advise the following:

1. 2011 Premiums and Rates

Silver Wings Plan:

Liability premiums and rates again remain unchanged for 2011.

Gold Wings Plan:

Premiums and rates again remain competitive for 2011. If you requested a quotation in 2010 and found it to be more expensive than our competition, we recommend you obtain a no-obligation quotation from us again in 2011.

2. Online Applications

Both the Silver Wings and Gold Wings online application processes for 2011 remain virtually unchanged and should be easier to complete.

Silver Wings Plan:

  • Existing clients will, once again, have their applications pre-populated with the information provided to us in 2010. This means that if you are an existing client, you can now use the “Renew Without Changes” feature. After logging on and answering a few simple questions you will next see an option allowing members whose application information has not changed since applying for coverage in 2010 to renew without changes. Provided there are no changes to the information, you can proceed to pay and obtain coverage by answering five questions and reviewing your application. Unfortunately, the ‘renew without changes’ screen feature remains unavailable for pilots who have a helicopter licence or permit.
  • At the beginning of the application process there is a reminder that, in order to continue the process uninterrupted, you should have on hand your COPA membership card and pilot’s licence or permit.
  • Online payment options include VISA, MasterCard, and INTERAC® Online.

Gold Wings Plan:

  • Existing clients will have their applications pre-populated with the information provided to us in 2010. This will enable you to quickly review and make any necessary changes required to obtain a quotation for 2011.
  • At the beginning of the application process, there is a reminder that in order to continue the process uninterrupted, you should have on hand:
  • Your COPA membership card
  • With respect to any pilot to be approved his or her:
    • Pilot’s licence or permit;
    • Pilot log book;
    • Pilot accident/incident history for the last 10 years;
    • Pilot violations for the last 5 years; and
    • Date of birth.
  • In addition to paying online by VISA, MasterCard, or by INTERAC® Online, you will now also have the option to finance your premium.

3. Policy Wordings

Silver Wings Plan:

The principal changes to the Silver Wings Plan 2011 policy wording are:

  • Section Four – Policy Exclusions, Terms and Conditions Applicable to All Coverage - paragraph 36 is modified to clearly define the policyholder as the only pilot-in-command. The complete wording is as detailed below.

    “36. We will not pay, under any Coverage, for any loss, damage or liability, if, at the time of the Occurrence, You as the pilot in command of the Aircraft do not hold a valid current pilot permit or license with all Aircraft type, ratings and endorsements required by law for the flight. This Policy applies only to Aircraft You use for Private Business and Pleasure purposes and We will not pay, under any Coverage, for any loss, damage or liability if the Aircraft involved in the Occurrence is used for hire, reward or any use for which any remuneration or benefit is received, promised or anticipated, other than a bona fide reimbursement to You for operating expenses only”.

  • Work-In-Progress (Hull) Coverage Endorsement – coverage is extended to include transit of Aircraft Parts.

    We would point out, Section Two – Insurance Covering Liability Claims - paragraph 11 (c), excludes gyroplane or rotary wing aircraft for Bodily Injury to a passenger. If Bodily Injury to passenger coverage is required for certified rotary wing aircraft only, you can request a quotation under the Gold Wings Plan without obligation to purchase both Hull and Liability coverage (i.e. you can purchase only Liability coverage under the Gold Wings Plan).

COPA members who do not own a helicopter, but fly a helicopter belonging to someone else, will have to be added as an approved pilot under the helicopter owner’s insurance policy to obtain Third Party and Passenger Liability coverage. It will also be necessary for you to verify that the helicopter owner’s insurance does in fact provide the aforementioned coverage.

Gold Wings Plan:

The principal changes to the Gold Wings Plan 2011 policy wording are:

  • Policy Schedule – paragraph 6 – Approved Pilots - sub-paragraph (b) - the 25 hours on make and model for a Commercial Pilot providing instruction has been reduced to 20 hours on make and model.
  • Section Five – Definitions, paragraph (j) “Insured” means, sub-paragraph (iii) the requirement for the Insured named in the Policy Schedule to request that any pilot stated in the Policy Schedule has been deleted (i.e. any pilot stated in the Policy Schedule to is now automatically included as an Insured).

4. Paper Applications

The trend for the majority of COPA members is to utilize the online application process. Marsh encourages use of the online application, which offers a quicker and more efficient way to arrange and pay for coverage. You can always obtain a downloadable version of the application at www.marsh.ca/copa and www.copanational.org. If you do not have access to a computer, please call us and we will be pleased to mail you an application form.

5. Customer Service

Although we have augmented our staff and enhanced our internal telephone system, we would nevertheless caution you that during the peak periods such as the Christmas/New Years holiday period, the months of January/February or the springtime (April/May) there will no doubt be instances where certain COPA members will not initially succeed in speaking to a Client Service Representative. However, we are confident that with these enhancements in place, such occurrences will be fewer.

Once again we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that:

  • It is a prerequisite that at the time of loss you, the insured, must be a paid-up member of COPA and have your principal place of residence in Canada. Both the Silver Wings Plan and Gold Wings Plan policy wordings contain exclusions to this effect. Consequently, if you do not meet these criteria, any loss you incur could be denied by the insurer.
  • It is also very important to note that the onus for entering the current, correct COPA membership number rests with the COPA member. Marsh, Lloyd’s - Travelers Syndicate 5000 (your insurer), and COPA will not be verifying that you provided the current and correct membership number at the time of effecting insurance coverage or during the coverage period of your insurance policy. However, should you incur a loss, the insurance claims adjuster will verify that the information you supplied is current and correct.
  • It is recommended that coverage for Passenger Liability reflects the number of passenger seats (excluding the pilot’s seat) for which the aircraft is certified. Should you carry more passengers than declared, Passenger Liability coverage is rendered null and void and none of the passengers are covered.

Should you have any questions or concerns with respect to the 2011 COPA Group Aviation Insurance Program, please do not hesitate to contact a Marsh Client Service Representative or:

Peter Sifakis
Vice President, Aviation Practice
Marsh Canada Limited