COPA, Skymark Technologies offer free electronic logbook


COPA, in partnership with Toronto-based Skymark Technologies is pleased to offer all COPA members a free COPA Flight Log. This new COPA membership benefit is an electronic pilot log book software application that will run on your personal computer.

The COPA Flight Log is designed for all pilots ranging from students to ATPL and will help simplify your flight recording.

It has many useful features including: quick and easy data entry, currency checking for both VFR and IFR pilots, history reports, customizable logbook printouts, pilot training record (PTR) for students, an airport directory, sun rise and sun set calculator, easy record back-ups and automatic tallying of flight times.

The COPA Flight Log is available as a free download for any COPA member from the COPA website. To get the logbook go to the “members only section” and click on COPA Flight Log.

After downloading the program request a serial number from Skymark Technologies. To request a serial number, enter your name and email address in the spaces provided on the download page and click “Submit.” A serial number will be emailed to you right away. The program will require you to enter both your name and serial number every time you use the software.

Skymark Technologies also offers an email update alerting service that will let you know about updates and new Skymark products. This service is optional and can be selected on the download page.

The COPA Flight Log was developed by Skymark Technologies especially for COPA members. Please contact Skymark for product support at You can find complete information on all of their products at