Guide to border crossing updated


The AOPA/COPA Guide to Cross Border Operations (United States/Canada) has been recently updated and now includes the following major additions: electronic Advanced Passenger Information System (eAPIS) and TSA Waiver requirements plus information about U.S. Temporary Import Bonds and U.S./ CBP treatment of some private flights as commercial.

We urge all members to read and signup on the eAPIS program before departing to the U.S. Our guide to cross border operations will answer several of your questions.

We also encourage members to take AOPA’s new online tutorial before using the eAPIS program for the first time (

COPA Guides are updated on a continuing basis so please check the latest version on our website before using information contained in any guide. Members can access all of the guides from the Members Only section on our website

Paper versions are also available from the COPA office for a fee to cover printing and mailing costs.

A full-time COPA staff member is dedicated to assisting you with any questions you may have, please contact Patrick Gilligan 613-236-4901 ext 104