Invitation to the 2012 IAOPA World Assembly

By Kevin Psutka


COPA is an affiliate of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA) whose role includes advocating for our sector of aviation at the international level and in particular at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Many of the regulations that are in place here started as standards developed at the international level, so it is important to have representation at ICAO in order to have some influence on these standards. IAOPA is also the focal point for ensuring that we can continue to fly internationally as well as encouraging developing nations to build their GA infrastructure.

Every two years, delegates from IAOPA affiliates meet to share information, discuss issues and develop resolutions that IAOPA representatives then take to ICAO and IAOPA affiliates then work within their own countries. Examples of resolutions from recent Assemblies can be found at

Canada will be represented at the 2012 Assembly, held near Cape Town South Africa, by myself as President of COPA (I am also V-P North America for IAOPA), and Quebec Director Frank Hofmann, who is also an IAOPA representative at ICAO.

In addition to the important work of the Assembly, there will be ample opportunity to share our passion for aviation with others from around the world and to experience a part of the world that we may not have seen before.

The Assembly is not just for official delegates; members of affiliate AOPA’s like COPA are more than welcome to attend and enjoy the experience. To that end, here is an invitation from AOPA-South Africa for you and your family to join Frank and me on what will certainly be an interesting and rewarding visit to Africa.

IAOPA and AOPA South Africa invite you to participate in the 26th IAOPA World Assembly, which will be held at the Spier Hotel in the Stellenbosch Wine lands near Cape Town, South Africa from April 10-15, 2012.

Joining us at the Assembly will also enable you to explore the country of South Africa, with its diverse landscape and big five safari experiences. Stellenbosch and its environs will provide a magnificent and colourful backdrop for the 26th IAOPA World Assembly.

AOPA-SA invites you to explore and experience the African continent at what is probably the best rates negotiated by Seasons and AOPA-SA. These rates are only available to IAOPA affiliate members for a short period, including pre and post World Assembly dates.

We look forward to a great Assembly and to welcoming you to Cape Town.

Please visit the following link for detailed information regarding this prestigious event, including the registration form and many informative imbedded links:

Please register early to prevent disappointment. Also, do not hesitate to contact Paul Haupt with any questions and requests.