COPA affiliation with Young Eagles Program in negotiations

By John Quarterman


COPA is negotiating a new draft agreement from the EAA over their Young Eagles program which was originally expected to be in place as a final agreement for April 1, 2008.

Temporary letter of authorization in place

In the interim, the COPA affiliation is continuing under the authority of the EAA by temporary letter of extension issued by the EAA, and good to June 1. The new agreement must be in place by June 1; else another extension will be required.

COPA’ temporary authorization from the EAA means that COPA is still affiliated with the Young Eagles program and can continue to perform Young Eagles flights. The relationship has been extended due to delays in the preparation of the EAA's new draft of the agreement between the two organizations.

New specified conditions

The new draft formal agreement is necessary because the EAA has changed its relationship requirements and specifications for the Young Eagles program. The EAA has recently said that COPA must meet new conditions to continue the Young Eagles program authorization and affiliation.

New forms not pertinent to COPA

The Young eagles program has not substantially changed in the meantime, except that the forms and literature now distributed by the EAA state that to fly Young Eagles the pilots must be EAA members. For the time being, this requirement to be EAA members does not pertain to COPA members and COPA Flights performing Young Eagles flights.

Negotiations a continuing process

We have already met the previous requirements of the EAA by putting in place (more than a year ago), a comprehensive insurance policy meeting the EAA requirements as they were expressed at that time.

One of the new requirements EAA has announced (and is present in the new draft agreement), will require COPA to name EAA as one of the insured parties in its insurance.

This latest requirement is difficult to meet, but we have no definitive answer from the insurance company as yet because they and we continue to analyse the recently received EAA draft agreement.

Outcome of negotiations

COPA is cautiously hopeful that the terms and conditions present in the new draft agreement can be met by COPA and will be the start of a new long-term relationship between the two organizations.

Instructions to COPA Flights

Please check with COPA directly or by monitoring the COPA website that an agreement or an extension is in place before you carry out any Young Eagles flights after June 1st. Any announcement regarding Young Eagles will be on the homepage of our website at:

Young Eagles/COPA program background

The Young Eagles program is a wholly-owned program of the EAA. For several years many pilots from several organizations performed Young Eagles Flights. Last year EAA changed the requirements to restrict the Young Eagle Pilots to those with EAA membership. COPA and the COPA Flights have in the interim however, been allowed to continue to perform Young Eagles flights and participate in the program without pilots being EAA members.