ELT Update - Minister rejects proposed regulation

By Kevin Psutka


The Transport Minister’s office has informed COPA that the proposed regulation that would effectively mandate 406 MHz ELTs has not been accepted.

Thanks to COPA’s representations as well as contacts by COPA members with their Members of Parliament, Minister Baird came to appreciate that the regulation, as drafted, prevents any available alternative from being acceptable.

COPA had been pushing for the regulation to be returned to the Canadian Aviation Regulations Advisory Council, in which COPA participates, for further discussion leading to revised wording that would permit alternatives for our sector.

The Minister has granted this request. A date for this meeting is being arranged but there is no firm schedule as of the date of this update.

Until this work is complete, the current regulation remains in place. Members are reminded that monitoring of the current ELTs is limited to overflying aircraft and a small number of Nav Canada facilities.

Satellite monitoring is limited to 406 MHz. Members who have not converted to 406 should take extra precautions to maximize their prospects in the event of an emergency.