2010 Neil Armstrong scholarship winners


The COPA Neil Armstrong Scholarship Selection Committee is pleased to announce the 2010 scholarship recipients.


Nolan Adam, 16, of Edmonton, Alberta

While always having an interest in aviation, Mr. Nolan Adam’s passion to pursue flying was confirmed while attending a flight camp at the Prairie Bible College in Three Hills Alberta. There, he had the opportunity to meet other young people his age from across North America who shared his interest in flying. Mr. Adam is in grade eleven, attending Leduc Composite High School. While maintaining an honors average in school he has also been active in school sports, the local community and Millwood’s Community Church. During the summer he helps his dad during harvest season operating the swather and combine. Mr. Adam intends on starting his private pilot’s license at Cooking Lake Aviation Academy in Alberta. After graduating from grade 12 he plans to enroll in the aviation program at Mount Royal University in Calgary to pursue his commercial license. It is the COPA Neil Armstrong Scholarship Selection Committee’s pleasure to award Mr. Adam the ab-initio scholarship for 2010.


Kyle Larson, 20, of Richmond, British Columbia

“I am and will always be an avid aviation enthusiast”.

Mr. Kyle Larson’s declaration is supported by his actions. While currently finishing his science degree at Kwantlen University, Mr. Larson intends on becoming a geologist as well as a professional airman. Through a lot of hard work, persistence and dedication, he has attained his private pilot’s license (student permit). He is active with CASARA as a navigator and looking to join COPA Flight #5 in support of the COPA For Kids program. Mr. Larson plans on using his pilot’s license to study environmental ecosystems and to fly supplies to the communities that lack adequate transportation routes in northern B.C. The Selection Committee awards this scholarship in support of Mr. Larson’s pursuit of flight training as a professional pilot.


Philippe Hewett, 15, of Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, Quebec

Mr. Philippe Hewett is committed to learning to fly. At the age of 15, he has been working hard to put money aside for flying lessons over the past few years. Mr. Hewett keeps up to date with the world of aviation through subscriptions, internet forums and personal correspondence. After completing his Secondary V, he intends to take the “Programme d’études collégiales en pilotage d’aéronefs” at the CQFA. After completing his pilot training, Mr. Hewett plans to pursue an instructor’s rating followed by a commercial license. The Selection Committee congratulates Mr. Hewett on his winning application.