Fuel prices bugging you? Help us help you find the best prices for your trip

By Kevin Psutka


Fuel prices are on the rise and vary widely from one airport to another due to a variety of factors including when the last batch of fuel was purchased by the airport. Some vendors are pricing not far above their cost while others are way out of line with airports in the same region.

Some vendors are also using inventive ways to squeeze even more out of you. Shell tends to be the highest price in the area anyway, but some Shell dealers are charging extra, on top of the fuel price, just to put fuel into your aircraft. In Hamilton, there is a 19 cent per litre (including HST) “fuel services” fee which brings the total cost per litre to $2.30 (as of early May) and in Kelowna their ITP (into plane) fee brings the total price including HST to $2.62.

We understand from local dealers that it is company policy. We have contacted Shell (HQ) for comment on these outrages pricing policies but as of the date of this article they have not responded.

We have a way for you to navigate through the maze of prices as you plan your next trip. COPA’s Places to Fly http://archive.copanational.org/PlacesToFly/index.php includes fuel prices for each airport and it’s accuracy is dependent on members updating information.

It is easy to do.

When you visit an airport, find out about the fuel price then go to the airport’s listing and click on the “update” selection. Enter the current fuel price, select a date and then enter any comments about the fuel, including whether or not the fuel price includes taxes. Enter any other information that you notice that should be updated about the airport.

When you enter the security code at the bottom of the listing and click the “submit” button the update will be immediately available to anyone visiting the listing.

There is also a “fuel price listing” selection at the bottom of the province page that leads to this page http://archive.copanational.org/PlacesToFly/airport_fuel.php where fuel prices are listed from least to most expensive for all airports whose prices have been updated in the past six months.

If everyone takes the time to update listings when they purchase fuel or if you adopt an airport to keep information current, the fuel features on Places to Fly can help everyone plan their next trip. Please help us help you keep costs down. Please update and use Places to Fly.