Celebrate our past, protect our future

By Kevin Psutka

27 February 2009



This year marks the 100th anniversary of powered flight in Canada. There are several events planned throughout Canada (see our website for details) including our Convention (archive.copanational.org/non-members/COPAConvention2009.htm ) on July 17-19 in Calgary. The focus of many of these efforts is not only on promoting aviation through recognition of its contribution to the building of our nation, but also on educating the public about its importance to the future of Canada.

This year is also a very important year for COPA.

We are facing a significant challenge to the future of our freedom to fly because of two Supreme Court cases – learn more about the case online - (archive.copanational.org/non-members/body_files/supreme%20court%20article.htm) to be heard later this year concerning federal jurisdiction over aeronautics.

Our effort to defend your freedom at the Supreme Court is being made possible through member contributions to the Special Action Fund (SAF) (archive.copanational.org/non-members/fund.htm).

Our goal is to maintain at least $2 million dollars in the SAF in order to provide funds for legal challenges and other projects, such as a weather study that was performed in our effort to save the Banff and Jasper airstrips, and assistance for an economic impact study of GA that was performed in Calgary.

Besides funding these cases and projects, we want to maintain a sizable "war chest" as a deterrent to those who would challenge us. We have found that many potential challenges do not materialize simply because would-be opponents back off when they realize that we have money and are willing to use it.

The SAF is losing ground through increasing demand and decreasing interest rates on our investments. We need your donations more than ever.

I am pleased to offer a way for you to both help celebrate the centennial and help in our effort to ensure aviation’s future. COPA has produced the Centennial of Flight national logo on a vinyl decal, suitable for mounting on aircraft, club houses or anywhere that it will be seen by the public. It measures 15 by 6.5 inches and can be installed within seconds using a squeegee and, if necessary, a hair dryer to help mould the decal around rivets.

It has a mildly tacky backing that permits it to be easily removed. I have installed it on a Cessna 182 and flown it to 140 knots with no sign of peeling off. I was able to peel it off and stick it back down with no problem. It has also been tested on an old fabric covered surface and it peeled off without damage. Of course, COPA cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur with your installation.

The decals have been purchased out of COPA general funds as our contribution to help publicize the celebration. They are not available for sale in small quantities. However, for a contribution of $25 or more to the SAF, we will send you free of charge two decals (retail value $20). All of your contribution will go to the SAF. For contributions of $500 or more from groups such as our COPA Flights, we will send you 10 decals for distribution locally.

You can make a donation and receive your decals by completing the online donation form found on our website, filling in a donation on your membership renewal form that you receive in the mail or renewing online (https://archive.copanational.org/membership/membership.php) or call us at 613-236-4901 (extension 0) with your credit card information.

More information about the Centennial of Flight, including the meaning of the logo, is available online (http://archive.copanational.org/non-members/PresidentsColumn/2008/PCMayEng.htm ).

I encourage everyone to do your part to help celebrate our past and protect our future. Donate today!