Did You Know


About cheating on TC exams?

Strangely enough there have been a few reported cases of cheating in Transport Canada (TC) written exams recently. Most of these have been cases of test-takers trying to smuggle written notes on the questions out of the exam session after the exam has been written.

Those caught have been surprised to find out that not only do they fail the exam, but the consequences can be worse than imagined.

The rules are all in CAR 400.2, which says:

Examination Rules

400.02(1) except as authorized by an invigilator, no person shall, or shall attempt to, in respect of a written examination,

(a) copy or remove from any place all or any portion of the text of the examination;

(b) give to or accept from any person a copy of all or any portion of the text of the examination;

(c) give help to or accept help from any person during the examination;

(d) complete all or any portion of the examination on behalf of any other person; or

(e) use any aid or written material during the examination.

(2) A person who commits an act prohibited under subsection (1) fails the examination and may not take any other examination for a period of one year.

The penalty can be a shock, especially for new pilots who are counting on finishing their licence and then getting a flying job – suddenly your plans are off for a year.

It doesn’t matter who those smuggled questions were supposed to benefit – cheating on TC exams is not a good way to make your mark in aviation!