More reasons to read COPA Flight online


The digital version of COPA’s newspaper has been available since June 2010, but there seems to be little interest from our membership in reading COPA Flight online.

In the past year only a couple of dozen members bothered to let us know what they thought about the digital COPA Flight. At first some complained that the zoom-in function didn’t zoom in enough, but that was quickly resolved.

Others really liked the digital version and said they would rather read COPA Flight online instead of receiving the hard copy in the mail. Well, we are planning on doing that.

Members who would rather read COPA Flight online and no longer want to receive the paper COPA Flight by mail will now have that option. Just let us know when you are renewing your membership.

Note the hardcopy will still be available for those who want it. It will be around for quite some time in the future, so don’t worry, the newspaper is not disappearing.

One big advantage with the digital version over the hardcopy is all members get it at the same time. Currently with the paper version, those living in the western provinces and eastern coast have to wait between two to three weeks before receiving your paper in the mail. With the digital version, as soon as it’s up on our website, it is available to all members from coast to coast to coast. Even our international members will be able to read it several weeks before receiving the paper copy.

Also, a membership fee adjustment for those who only opt to receive the digital version is currently in the works and will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, for those who have not yet checked out the digital COPA Flight, we suggest you do so soon and get use to all its neat functions, because there may be a national postal strike as early as this month. Watch your mainstream media for further news on this.

Now, if a strike does occur, you will still be able to receive your COPA Flight newspaper simply by going to our website, and sign in with your membership number and password. Then click on the COPA Flight digital logo just below where you logged on and in a few seconds presto, you have the latest edition on your screen.

The digital version offers several functions, such as zoom-in up to 400 per cent, and all website links are highlighted in articles and ads – just click on one and it’ll take you right to the advertiser’s website or to the website mentioned in an article.

There’s also an excellent search function. You can search for an advertiser or an article in either the current edition or in the last 12 digital editions with merely a click of the mouse. All the archived digital editions are readily available simply by clicking on the Archives button at the top of the page.

When reading the digital version, you can simply go through it page by page or you can pick a page from the page drop-down menu and within seconds, you are where you want to be.

This is very cool stuff. So don’t hesitate, check out the digital COPA Flight today.