COPA Flight Profiles Accessible Online


COPA Flights will now be able to update contact information and provide their annual status report online.

This easy to use process will be launched December 1. Only the Flight’s appointed contact/administrator will be able to access the Flight’s profile using his/her current user name and password.

The Flight’s profile page will be pre-populated and will allow editing. Once an update is submitted an email confirming the updates will be sent to the Flight’s contact email and to COPA National’s administrator for validation.

After validation of your Flight`s submission by COPA`s Administrator, an email will be sent to the contact person confirming the updated information relevant to your COPA Flight and will then be posted on COPA National’s website.

Updates can be submitted as many times as necessary during the year.

Annual Flight Status Reports must be declared after elections of its Captain, Co- Captain and Navigator.

When submitting an Annual Flight Status Report an email confirming we received your report will be sent to the Flight’s contact email and to COPA National’s administrator for review.

After review of your Flight’s Status Report an email will be sent to the contact person confirming that your Flight is reaffirmed and a new expiry date will be published, and relevant information to your Flight will be shown on COPA National’s website.

All COPA Flights will be listed with an Updated date, Annual Report date and an Expiry date.

The Update refers to the date new information was added to your Flight’s profile, the Annual Report refers to the date we received a declaration of your Annual Elections results for Captain, co-Captain & Navigator and the Expiry date is the due date your Flight must provide a new report of your COPA Flight`s election results and changes to the Executives.

Updating your COPA Flight will ensure your Flight information is accurate, informs your current members and helps recruit new members in your area and will provide a direct link between COPA National and your Flight’s appointed contact; improving bilateral communication regarding important issues relating to Our Freedom to Fly and empowering COPA Flights across Canada.

Providing your COPA Flight’s yearly status report will keep your Flight active and ensure continued Liability Insurance coverage provided by COPA National for all your meetings, fly-ins and COPA For Kids events.

To view COPA Flight listing and Status go to: To access this online system, you must be the current Contact person for your COPA Flight. To verify who is the Contact person, go to the COPA Flight listing and Status link above and to access this online system go to: Flights that have not provided any reports for many years or where COPA National has lost all trace will be listed inactive.

Anyone wishing to reactivate a Flight, please call 613-236-4901 ext. 101 or email:

Paper Flight status forms will also be available by request or at this link

This form can be mailed, emailed or faxed to our office at: Canadian Owners and Pilots Association

71 Bank St. 7th Floor Ottawa, ON K1P 5N2
Fax: 613-236-8646.