Helping members help themselves

By Kevin Psutka


I am pleased to announce the release of our new interactive online membership database.

Now you can review the status of your membership account and renew or update your membership status and profile at any time. For new members who need their membership number quickly to, for example, get COPA insurance for their aircraft, your membership will be current and a membership number generated and sent to you as soon as your payment is verified, which if by credit card will be virtually instantaneous.

Some members may be wondering why their new membership card did not arrive when expected in the past few months. They joined, paid and then received nothing. We experienced a kind of perfect storm. Our membership card machine took its last breath in May. We searched for a more reliable and cost effective method for producing the cards and when we were ready to go, the postal strike occurred. We have worked through the backlog of cards and most members should have their new cards by now. The postal strike also stalled out deliveries of our newspaper, so some members may have got the impression that we forgot about them. Thank you for your patience. With our new service, you will not wonder about your status, it will be confirmed online at your convenience.

Access to the database is from the Join/Renew/Update button on the top of our website. The first time you enter as a member, you will use your existing username (your membership number) and password (your last name in CAPITAL letters). You can then change these to your email address as username and whatever password you choose.

We chose email address as username for two reasons: it is easy for you to remember and it reminds you to update your email address in your record so that we can contact you quickly when we have to do so.

Here are some basic instructions to get you started.

Update My Profile: This will allow you to check your membership number and membership expiry date. You can check your mailing address and change your address.

Renew My Membership: This will allow you to update your profile and you can renew your membership and make a donation by credit card, or you can select cheque as your payment method and an invoice will be generated which you can print and mail with your cheque.

Donate: This will allow you to make a donation to Flight Safety Foundation, Neil Armstrong Scholarship Fund and/or Special Action Fund by credit card or you can select cheque as your payment option and an invoice will be generated which you can print and mail with your cheque.

Update My Username and Password: This will allow you to change or update your username and password.

I hope you will find this new service useful. If you have any suggestions for improvement please contact Tanya Storing 613-236-4901 x 109.