Cross country competition starts soon

By Steve Eastwick


Ron Colpitts (L) and Lee Alward (R) in the kitchen

As the Canada Post slogan says "neither rain, nor snow…" the members of COPA Flight 27/Havelock Flying Club have persevered through this savage winter of 2008 serving their regular Sunday breakfasts each week.

Local media reports 15 snowstorms for us "Easterners" so far this year, but like the EverReady Bunny our troops just keep on going.

Ron Colpitts, a COPA member since 1955, heads up the cooking staff, supported by Del Alward (1963) and COPA Captain Lee Alward. You can set your watch by them, at the clubhouse by 0730 and on most Sundays they’re until the last dish is washed.

It's been that way since the club began serving Sunday Breakfasts in about 1990. Twenty-Five COPA Members make up Flight 27 - twelve being Pioneer Members of 25 years or more. Seasoned snowblower operator Roy Collins has kept our parking lot and hangar access roads open this season as in the past and has a large supply of shear pins readily at hand to battle the drifts.

The 2008 COPA Flight 27/ Havelock Flying Club fly-in has changed somewhat… getting away from the Civic Holiday weekend by opting for Saturday, Aug 9, as the main day with Sunday, Aug.10, as rain Date.

This year’s event is geared towards encouraging cross country flying. A COPA Flight 27/HFC sponsored Trophy will be won by the pilot, presenting his Journey log, verifying the most locations flown to/from that are listed in "Places to Fly" on the COPA website.

The competition begins on May 1, and runs until the fly-in date. A complimentary breakfast including steak and bragging rights supplement the award. See our ad in "On the Horizon" for more. Game on. Hope to see you at this year’s event.