COPA For Kids


We finalized the dates for COPA For Kids Aviator Program flights. We have two dates scheduled this year, May 2nd, and Sept. 19. Both these days are on a Saturday, so if we have to reschedule because of weather, we can use the following day. We find this logistically to be far easier, as most every-one is able to make it the next day for their flight.

We have 11 pilots and planes, of which one is a helicopter, willing to get involved. We generally fly anywhere from 70 – 90 kids on these fly days. So with all the pilots we have it should be a fairly easy day.

On a final note I have asked all the COPA 5 members to go to the Nav Canada website and fill in the WAC survey they have. Whether you agree with discontinuing the WAC charts or not, it is always a good thing to put your opinion forward. The worst thing we, in General Aviation can do, is say or do nothing.

Let your feelings be heard, either way, and then if things don’t go your way, you have a right to complain.