Hawkesbury Flying Club to host safety seminar

By Stephen Farnworth


The Hawkesbury Flying Club – COPA Flight 131 is hosting a free aviation safety seminar on Saturday, April 10 starting at 1 p.m.

The seminar will consist of two parts: a Transport Canada presentation of “The Flight Crew Dirty Dozen” followed by a Search and Rescue presentation on the 406 ELT.

Will Boles, Civil Aviation Inspector from Transport Canada’s Ontario Region Civil Aviation System Safety department will tell you all about how human factors play a role in aviation safety.

According to several studies, human error has been implicated in a variety of occupational accidents, including 70% to 80% of those in civil and military aviation.

The aviation industry developed the concept of the Flight Crew Dirty Dozen to illustrate the 12 most common human factors which affect a person's performance. Whether you are a pilot, a Flight Line Attendant or an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, you will learn how these factors can affect you and how to identify some important "safety nets" to protect yourself.

Join us and develop a new, personal "safety net" or two in an effort to help error-proof your next flight! This interesting and informative safety seminar is geared mainly towards the general aviation and recreational aviation communities; however, everyone is welcome to attend. Come and learn something new!

Attendance at this seminar will satisfy the recurrent training requirement as per CAR Standard 421.05 (2).

The second presentation by Carol Smith of the National Search and Rescue Secretariat will bring you up to date on the use of the 406 ELT. She will provide an overview of how 406 MHz emergency transmitters work with Canada’s search and rescue system; and outline some key considerations on selecting, installing, registering, and testing these devices to ensure the best possible performance.

Fly in or drive in to the Hawkesbury East Airport (CPG5) for an afternoon filled with knowledge to enhance your flying pleasure. There is no charge to attend and the seminars are open to everyone. Pre-registration by email would be appreciated: HawkesburyFlyingClub@gmail.com or contact Will Boles at (416) 952-3858.