Valentine’s Day can be romantic

By Avery Wagg



The frozen back pond has Kendra Will U Marry Me spelled out.
The picture was taken when Rob and his father-in-law
were still working on it.

The newly engaged couple
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Rob Empringham works with Chris Dakin and me, fixing airplanes here in Kingston. Well, this past Family Day, he proposed to his girl – with the help of a local pilot.

John DeRuiter took Rob and Kendra up flying the day after Valentine’s Day - positioning his airplane so that she could see her dad’s farm over on Amherst Island from the seat behind John.

You see, a couple of days earlier Rob and his future father-in-law used a snow shovel on the farms’ back pond – to good effect. For pilots, visualize that you’re going south-west along the northshore of Amherst Island at about 1,300 ft. Now, about half-way down the island, look down. This is what Kendra saw.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon and Rob radioed back to all us waiting on the ground with a “Proposal One, reports a yes!”

By the time they came down half an hour later, Kendra and Rob’s entire families were on the ground cheering them. That was pretty cool. Here’s wishing Rob and Kendra a long and happy one.