A delicate situation

By Al Blakely

During our June meeting the most pressing thing on the agenda was the reminder to everyone that as of June 1, the Young Eagles Program for COPA Flights has been suspended indefinitely. We are hoping as a group that some form of Young Eagles program will emerge. Of course, not to be called Young Eagles, but another name - perhaps, “Junior Aviators.”

Furthermore Terry Wilshire, COPA director for B.C./Yukon, informed us of the happenings in and around the Delta Heritage Airpark and that there are changes on the way. Of prime importance is the issue of a new clubhouse (or a reasonable facsimile), which will be a multi-use facility.

The idea is not to make it just a pilot meeting place, but rather a meeting place for all user groups. (Guides, Scouts, Environmental groups, pilots, Boundary Bay Flying Club, RAA Chapter 85, Citizens, COPA Flight 5, etc).

We have a delicate situation at Delta Heritage Airpark and we have to tread very softly. We cannot go into any council meetings with demands or we will be flatly refused. So “political correctness” is the order of the day. Wilshire and his DHAPCOM Committee members have a good handle on this situation and we are indeed in very good hands.

And finally COPA Flight 5 will be setting up a booth at the upcoming Delta Heritage Airpark Fly-in, taking place on Saturday, July 5. We will have brochures and the COPA Flight newspaper available to interested parties. That’s it for now.