Flight volunteers at Aircraft Spruce grand opening

By Philip Quinlan



Bob Ogilvie fires up the Barbie.


Announcing winners
of COPA For Kids raffle.

MPP Dave Levac welcomed Aircraft
Spruce’s management team.

On Saturday June 5, Aircraft Spruce and Specialty held a Grand Opening to celebrate their new location at hangar No. 2 Brantford Municipal Airport (CYFD). See page B76 of your CFS.

Most of Flight 148 members volunteered and assisted with the raffle draws and the barbecuing.

The day was a huge success with us running out of 'dogs and 'burgs, twice. Spruce generously donated all proceeds from the barbeque and the raffle to our COPA for Kids campaign. With the monies donated we shall be able to run several COPA for Kids days this year.

The airport ramp was full of visiting aircraft; the weather cooperated with light winds and blue skies. Brantford Flying Club provided fuel at a discounted price and all the smart pilots took advantage of this great deal.

Transport Canada was also there providing a safety seminar in the morning to encourage recurrency training.

It was a excellent opportunity to take advantage of great flying weather, Brantford's recently repaved runways, juicy burgers, discounted gas and discounted prices on many fine items at Spruce.

We were happy to showcase Brantford as a good place to fly.

COPA Director for Southern Ontario, Harold Fry was also at the open house

It was my pleasure to attend Aircraft Spruce Supplies & Specialty Co. grand opening in their new facilities. They were previously located for a few years in Mississauga, Ontario and moved to Brantford last October 2008.

Weather-wise it was a fine day and we estimate there were more than 100 aircraft who flew into Brantford (reminded me of a mini-Oshkosh).

We arrived about 10 a.m. to find their show room packed wall to wall with customers and when we left after lunch it was still packed and more aircraft were still flying in!

Their facilities are located at the south end of Brant Areo's hangar. There was about 10 vendors there explaining new products, lucky draws on the hour and a free lunch was provided to all.

We met with the Canadian General Manager Scott Adams, President and Owner Jim Irwin and Operations Manager Jeff Irwin who flew in from their head office in California. On behalf of COPA and our 18,000 members we wished them well in their new location.