Breakfast fly-in a Father’s Day treat

By Joe Scoles


Sunday, June 19 dawned with a clear beautiful blue sky, a perfect day for flying. I and many other similar minded pilots took advantage of the great weather to attend a breakfast fly-in at a nearby location.

I selected the Cornwall breakfast fly-in and what a great choice. We arrived about 9:30 - or should I say arrived several times as a rather gusty crosswind rather messed up my touchdown.

My 170A is a very easy aircraft to fly but as on this occasion and with a full passenger compliment it decided to challenge my landing technique with a couple of bounces.

We joined the long lineup for breakfast but the wait was short due to the efficiency of the cooks and servers. The choice of food included eggs, ham sausage, beans and pancakes including the usual array of beverages. Where else could one find a breakfast of this proportion for six bucks?