The latest fly-in at the Oshawa Airport.

by Gord Mahaffy



COPA-70 members Jamie Cahill on
the left and Wayne Ellis on the
right prepared the hamburgers.

The Baisler converted DC-3 made
a unique backdrop for
the visiting pilots.

Kathleen Denyer on the right,
owner of the Airbourne Cafe catered
the food with help from Carolyn,
on the left.

Bill Davidson (from National Aviation Insurance Brokers) took a big chance sponsoring a late Fall Fly-in at the Oshawa airport on Sunday October 21/07. All week long there were thunderstorms. Bill actually changed the date of the Fly-in from Saturday Oct 20 to Sunday Oct 21 at the last minute. It was a good call as Saturday turned out to be a washout with Sunday coming in as one of the best flying days of the year.

Bill was able to enlist the help of several businesses and support groups on the airport and this contributed to the overall success of the Fly-in.

Manny Rossario allowed his Enterprise Air hangar to be used for the event and Kathleen Denyer who operates the Airbourne Café catered the food. Members from COPA Flight-70 and the local RAA Chapter were also invited to participate. Copa-70 member Wayne Ellis acted as part time cook and master of ceremony

COPA writer Anthony Nalli & his wife flew in from Brampton and were busy acquainting other pilots with their very affordable anti-collision devices.

With perfect weather, the three Baisler converted DC-3s provided a unique backdrop for the visiting pilots to enjoy their lunch. According to Kathleen Denyer 35 lasagna dinners were served.

Bill had a draw for several door prizes that included a $100 voucher for gas. This was won by COPA-70 member Louis Pourier. In addition to the door prizes cockpit chart organizers were given away too.

Bill says that based on the success of this event he plans to hold other similar events in the future, one in the Spring and another in the Fall. After the city of Oshawa received a very positive Economic impact study ealier this year, it looks like business at the Oshawa Airport is finally on the up swing. Watch the COPA Places to Fly page for more upcoming events at the Oshawa airport.

Submitted by Gord Mahaffy

Pictures by Karl Soihtu & Gord Mahaffy COPA Flight-70