ELTs, Remembrance Day, ADs

By Al Blakely


We held our regular Wednesday meeting in October, with 12 members present. We received a reply via e-mail from Transport Canada to Rick Blue acknowledging receipt of his petition on 406 ELTs.

Rick read the response, which indicated that his individual comment wouldn’t be responded to, but that it would be given full consideration before a final decision is made. Our Website is updated and is available for all COPA Flight 5 members and any one else interested. The address is: http://web.mac.com/alblakely/COPA_Flight_5/Welcome.html.


Donn reported on preparations for the November 11 Cenotaph fly-by. At the time of writing this he had 10 aircraft participating with the addition of John McGregor and his L-19. At least two practice formation flights are required to participate. A practice flight was held following the Delta Breakfast on Sunday, October 12.

Several COPA Flight 5 members including myself attended the latest NavCan airspace review at the Town and Country Hotel in Delta on Saturday, October 4. It was an interesting review and several quality questions were asked.

Finally, there has been a recent AD issued by Transport concerning Lycoming engines and in particular ECI cylinders. There has been a problem with the heads separating from the barrels and this AD addresses that problem. Everyone affected should be receiving the AD shortly. That is it for this month.