Collingwood Flying Club celebrates 10th anniversary

By George Daniels



Back Row: Bob Gayowsky, Barry Parker, Bud McCannell, Tim Boardman, Jeff Parton, Larry Quentin, Dan Laurin, David Marks, Phil Bender, Jim McKinnon.

Seated: George Daniels, John Wood, Bob Carter, Dan Fantin, Norm Porter.


Three dozen members, former members, spouses and friends celebrated 10 years of the flying club’s aviation experiences on Friday, October 3, at the Rock Dell Steak House.

Operating out of the Collingwood Regional Airport (CNY3), the club was formed in 1998. The original members of the Executive - all COPA types, were Barry Parker, Darryil Reis and Dan Fantin.

These keen pilots motivated another seven, Collingwood and area, aviation enthusiasts (it has grown since) to join them in the purchase of an aircraft. That choice was and is today, a Cessna 177 Cardinal.

This aircraft is a four-place 160 HP beauty. The aircraft along with the club’s own hangar - purchased five years ago - is the basis for the club’s well managed operations.

"The Collingwood F/C and their Cardinal - hangar base are an important part of our aviation community," said Pierre Lajoie, manager of CNY3.

The club has various achievements to its credit, including but not limited to; Barry Parker, awarded a COPA Merit Certificate and Andrew Mckecknie winning the Webster Trophy. Andrew built up his hours on the club’s Cardinal and is now a pilot with Air Canada.

Moving forward the club continues to have several of its pilots volunteer with COPA Flight 85. "Contributing pilot time and the C-177 to flying youth and running special fly-ins will be an important part of our Collingwood community presence in 2009," said member and captain of COPA Flight 85, Bud McCannell.

For more information contact David Marks, president: 705-445-7678 or CNY3 (Collingwood Airport) 705-445-2663.